music and lyrics

katie bee is a Zurich/Switzerland native. She played the piano in her very early days as young kid, despite her father’s advise saying that these are lost forever she never took notes of her own compositions (but are remembered well by her family & friends).

First idol was the Swedish stunner Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA), for both, her voice and her personality. Through her elder brother, katie bee got inspired by his funk & jazz collection on vynil he enjoyed listening in the late 70s through the early 80s (Mezzoforte, Nile Rodgers, Delegation and many others). 

After a longterm break from making music, katie returned to her origin and creates again her own songs based on stories out of her real life and experiences. Often not even her closest friends fully understand the messages...  Her stories and thoughts remain to be her own secret even when shared through her music.

Katie prefers lovely melodies, sometimes supported with acoustic guitars, sometimes heavily funky expressed.

She still can’t decide between her first language and English and therefore, she continues to write tracks in both, depending on her very own feelings.

katie was also singer of the coverbands 68-special and deeTown Club Band